Raisin Rum, Purple skirts, and Gunpla!


Live for Mobile suits, raisin rum, and purple clunky skirts. Slightly updated...

The slight update: You can also reach me at taykluge@gmail.com, and on Skype: I_Kluge


Hello, this is Kluge, and this is my ConTAYct list page, where you are most likely to reach me for anything. So, basically long time lurker, and new at posting around TAY & TayClassic. So don't mind my horrendous editing, and proof reading skills.

Play style: Team player/support class.

Currently crypt keeper of the Graveyard Shift *Classic edition, and if you have any suggestions, tips or wish to take it for a shift just drop by, and hit me up.

The TAYlendar is kept up nice and tidy by me, if you have questions, ask away.

*The previous image is from Kidou Senshi's Gundam-san manga.

*Battlelore -Voice of the fallen was the previous videos

My gift to all of us...

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